Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reading challenges go (mostly) kaput...

Seeing as it is mid-December (where HAS this year gone?), I'm starting to think in restrospective blogging terms...and the first thing to check off that "to do" list are seven (what WAS I thinking?!) incomplete reading challenges. Oh well, it is what it is, hmm? I am quite pleased (looking on the bright side here, what!) with my progress on reviewing Stephanie Barron's fabulous Jane Austen mystery series (four volumes read and reviewed this year, woo-hoo!). Lesson learned...the absolute maximum number of reading challenges I'm allowing myself to even think about in 2012 is TWO, people, you heard it RIGHT HERE. TWO.

I'm removing the Reading Challenges page from the right sidebar and documenting (LOL) 2011's reading challenge progress for all eternity below. Because I am nothing if not THOROUGH. LOL! *wink*


One of my reading/blogging goals starting in 2011 is to participate in and complete a few reading challenges. I'll be keeping track of my challenge progress here. Click the buttons to be taken to my original sign-up posts, and click the book title to be taken to my review.

The Baker Street Reading Challenge 2011

Goal: The Sign of Four, 4 books

Sadly, no progress on Baker Street related reading...

Being a Jane Austen Mystery Reading Challenge 2011

Goal: Aficionada level, 9-11 books

Goal: Wading level, 10 books 

EDIT 3/5/11: I've decided that rather than commit to a specific reading list for this challenge, I'm opening it up to any and all books I've read before that I revisit this year. I think that's a less potentially overwhelming plan. :)
Georgette Heyer 2011 Reading Challenge

Goal: Six books  

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2011

Goal: Severe Bookaholism level, 20 books

Bonus/Alternate Selections:

The Sense and Sensibility Bicentenary Challenge 2011

Goal: Neophyte Level, 1-4 selections

Possible alternate/bonus selections: 

Vintage Mystery 2011 Reading Challenge

Goal: Get a Clue level, 9 books

Agatha Christie


Joanne said...

No harm in starting off with enthusiasm, even if you don't finish the challenges. The big picture is to find time to read and enjoy what you DO get to read, so hopefully you were very successful in finding some great books this year. Congrats on another year of blogging about books and tv/movies......let the countdown to Downton Abbey begin!!!

Have a blessed Christmas season!

Unknown said...

@Joanne - Thank you I was! And BRING ON DOWNTON! Merry Christmas to you too!