Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Expectations trailer

Thanks to Gina from Dickensblog for posting this trailer! This new miniseries version of Great Expectations will be airing on Masterpiece in April.


Kristin said...

It looks really good! Though I haven't yet read any of Dickens' novels (they're on my list for next year! :), I've loved all of the miniseries based on them.


Rissi said...

This one looks grand - and as Charity said, casing Gillian was brilliant (she was marvelous in Bleak House). Great Expectations is not my favorite Dickens, but I am really excited to see what BBC does with this new adaptation - and from the looks of things, I think this will be my favorite version thus far. =)

Anne Mateer said...

I do love Dickens--in every form!

Charity said...

Can't wait. Gillian looks/sounds marvelous in this.

Unknown said...

@Kristin - I love the Dickens miniseries too! :) Can't wait for this one!

@Rissi - Oh I know, I LOVED Gillian in Bleak House! And this version has been ripe for a cinematic redo -- to think we get TWO versions next year!

@Anne - Yay! :)

@Charity - I KNOW. I never got into X-Files, but since Gillian made the jump to appearing in dramas like this I have been nothing but impressed.