Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Titanic 2012

A few days ago the trailer for Julian Fellowes's (the genius behind Downton AbbeyTitanic miniseries surfaced online. The release coincides with the upcoming 100th anniversary of that tragic event. Here's a bit of info from ITV's website:

Oscar® award-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park; Downton Abbey) and a stellar cast lead by Linus Roach (Law and Order UK; Batman Begins) and Geraldine Somerville (Harry Potter; Survivor) collaborate in a spectacular retelling of the epic disaster.

Marking the 100th anniversary of the tragedy which continues to captivate the world’s imagination, Titanic follows four separate, yet intertwined, narratives building to a dramatic climax. With different lives united by a single horrifying event, the stories elegantly illustrate the contrast from the finery and opulence of first class passengers to the behind the scenes work and toil of the underprivileged. As the story unfolds, we gain a captivating insight into the world of 1912 and the tragic events leading up to their icy deaths. Produced by multiple BAFTA award-winning Nigel Stafford-Clark, Titanic is the global television event of 2012.
And here's the trailer:


Rissi said...

Never did I think I'd say this, but... that looks really good! I have NEVER even seen a version of "Titanic." I mean, it's really such a tragic story that I never cared - I like happy things. =)

Ella said...

That looks fantastic!!

Charity said...

I had high hopes for this (and haven't entirely given up on them, particularly since it has a great cast) but I must say that this trailer kind of deflated them. I'm concerned that by blatantly borrowing so many ideas from James Cameron's film, he's going to draw more negative comparisons than he might have otherwise. I can only hope his script (which I hear follows different people per episode, with each ending with the collision and then on Sunday, the rest of all stories playing out) is strong enough to withstand the criticism that will come from walking in TITANIC's footsteps.

Rissi -- TITANIC is well worth running through your ClearPlay. The storyline is utter crap but visually, it's a masterpiece.

Kristin said...

I'm obsessed with the story of the Titanic- I have been ever since I was little. :) So I am super excited about this!


Tales of Whimsy said...

While I'm not sure anything could ever top the Leo and Kate Titanic, I will most definitely be looking into this. I am and have always been obsessed with all things Titanic. Ever since I read No Greater Love by Danielle Steel when I was a teenager. Thanks so much for sharing this trailer.

Rissi said...

Thanks, Charity! I'll keep that in mind! (And, you are most certainly right about using ClearPlay - that'd be the ONLY way I'd watch "Titanic" - I once read that its PG13 rating was the start for MPAA's less-strict ratings.)

Thank you, Ruth for sharing the trailer. =)

Natalie said...

You will FLIP over Harry Potter World. I can't wait until you go. I wish we could have gone together because I think it is best experienced with people who aren't afraid to nerd out. And duel in the hotel hallways and etc. :) I hadn't seen anything about the Titanic miniseries. If I didn't know Julian Fellows was attached, I wouldn't be interested. How can anybody top the 90's extravaganza, ya know? But I think, as far as storytelling, he will do it. Part of me doesn't want to watch it because I know I'll cry but the other part of me wants to see it NOW. I'm so intrigued now. Do you know when Downton Abbey starts again?

Traxy said...

After seeing the trailer (without the sound, am at work) I have two things I reckon people will get up to once it's shown on TV:

1 - comparisons with James Cameron's Titanic. Inevitable. I was thinking they looked very similar from just seeing the trailer! Wasn't the captain the same actor?!

2 - the phrase "Downton Abbey on a boat/ship" being used a lot. Heh.

While the Cameron film has some seriously cheesy lines and the CGI has moved on since, it's still a very good film. Saw it recently, and I did what I normally do: cry my eyes out. Not for DiCaprio, but for the sheer number of lives lost over greed and hubris. :'(

Unknown said...

@Rissi - I actually really like the 1953 film 'Titanic' starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck - check it out if you get the chance!

@Ella - I KNOW. :)

@Charity - You bring up excellent points -- it's going to be impossible to avoid comparisons to the Cameron film (which I CANNOT STAND). However, with the interest Fellowes's work has attracted thanks to Downton Abbey, and the structure of the miniseries (each episode following a different storyline, culminating in the tragedy), I think it holds great promise.

The Cameron film doesn't work for me AT ALL. Yes, it's pretty -- but aside from Horner's score I just can't stand it.

@Kristin - I can't believe it has been 100 years...I already know of at least 2 novels and 2 miniseries slated to drop next year...we will be innundated!

@Juju - I didn't realize Steel wrote a Titanic-themed book!

@Rissi - I didn't realize that about Titanic & ratings, interesting! And you're welcome!

@Natalie - Oh goodness a trip together to Harry Potter world? That has WIN all over it. I am SO down with the idea of duelling in the hallways! ;)

Downton Abbey Season 2 comes to the US in January. :)

@Traxy - You are so right, the comparisons are going to be inevitable. Bernard Hill played the Captain in the Cameron film, I don't think he's attached to the Fellowes project...??

I really have never liked the Cameron film, but you are so right -- when considering this event (no matter the catalyst for prompting the reflection) I think it is impossible not to be moved by the great awful tragedy of it all. So very sad!

Charity said...

I like TITANIC. It's just so pretty I cannot help enjoying it -- even if it is politically correct, badly-written, character assassination. I get angry to this day over its depiction of Lightoller and Murdoch. Hopefully, Fellowes will do them justice.

Unknown said...

@Charity - It is gorgeous, there's no denying that. It will be interesting to see how Fellowes writes the real-life characters in this piece!