Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Once Upon a Time bracelet!

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my latest Etsy purchase -- the "Rumbelle" Once Upon a Time -inspired necklace from TwulyLovelyDesigns? I've only had the necklace a few weeks and I've already worn it at least four times -- I just love it.

Today I want to share with you my second purchase from Lucinda's shop -- the Once Upon a Time Ultimate Storybrooke Main Characters Bracelet:

Isn't it gorgeous? Here's a breakdown of the charms and characters it features:
  • a clock face: to symbolize the stopped town clock, stuck at 8.15 until Emma arrives 
  • an axe: for the dwarves 
  • a cuckoo clock: Gepetto/Marco 
  • an umbrella: Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket 
  • a sword: David Nolan/Prince Charming 
  • a bird: Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White 
  • a spinning wheel: Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin 
  • an apple: Regina Mills/Evil Queen 
  • BOOK LOCKET - Henry's fairytale book 
  • a swan: Emma Swan/the Saviour 
  • a heart: Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman 
  • a wolf: Ruby/Red Riding Hood 
  • a mirror: Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror 
  • a motorbike: The Stranger, August W. Booth 
  • a pair of scissors: Jefferson/The Mad Hatter 
  • a tree: the magic tree that saved Pinocchio/August and Emma 
  • a star: the Blue Fairy's magic 
  • a castle: for the fairytale world left behind 
  • a 'believe' tag... because all you have to do... is believe.
  • a rose-toggle clasp: a nod to Belle
This bracelet is absolutely GORGEOUS in person, such a fun piece of jewellery to wear! Lucinda is a fabulous person to do business with, whether placing a shop stock order or answering questions about a custom order. If you're interested in a wholly unique piece of jewellery, I highly encourage you to visit Lucinda's shop -- not only is she a fantastic seller but I've been thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship of her work and the speed and careful attention each of my two orders have received.


Amanda Stanley said...

Hello, dear Ruth!! I just got your comment over at Goodreads and wanted to stop by, say hi and catch up - something I've been meaning to do for a while now but failed at miserably :( Please forgive me, Ruth, I haven't been a very good friend. I've missed you and your wonderful reviews, your comments always bring a smile :)

And I COMPLETELY agree, this bracelet is GORGEOUS!! Charm bracelets are so cute and unique. I have a few myself, silver ones passed down from my Mom and Nana. This one totally say's RUTH to me! :) LOVE all the little pieces and what they represent. I've visited Etsy a few times but never purchased anything. I've heard you can find such great things there though, as your purchase here shows ;) Will definitely have to browse Lucinda's shop, thanks for the recommend!

Again, Ruth, I know it's been forever, and I'm so sorry! I do think about you every time I see or hear about English Period Dramas ;) and I pray for you as the Lord leads :) I promise to be in touch more often! Hope we can talk again soon, my friend!


Tales of Whimsy said...

How cooool!

Unknown said...

@Amanda - I cannot remember, but I hope I wrote you back on Goodreads last year! I apparently didn't respond to any comments for a while on here and that is driving me nuts now that I'm finding them! In short, I hope you are well and that we can catch up soon! :)

@Juju - It's one of my favorite things now. :)