Monday, March 18, 2013

Les Miserables - Deluxe Edition Info

People, EXCITING NEWS! I learned this weekend that Target (oh how I love thee, Target!) will be releasing a deluxe edition of the Les Miserables Blu-ray/DVD Combo this Friday, 3/22/13. Here are all the details:

•Exclusive Bonus Disk: 40 minutes of content that you can only get at Target. The bonus content will highlight THE GENESIS OF LES MISéRABLES, the rigors of playing Jean Valjean in THE TRANSFORMATION OF HUGH JACKMAN, showcase the ensemble cast in THE YOUNG REVOLUTIONARIES, dissect what went into making the film in ANATOMY OF A SCENE: “Lovely Ladies” & “Master of the House” and finally the cast reflects on the musicals enduring themes in LES MIS LIVES ON 

•Target Exclusive Collectable Book: This vivid book contains 32 pages of the artistry behind the film and contains behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with the cast and crew and insight on how the film was brought from stage to screen. 

•Target Exclusive Collectable Post Cards: Included in the Deluxe Sku are six collectable post cards of each of the main characters shot for Vogue magazine on the set at Pinewood Studios in London. 

•Target Exclusive Collectable Packaging: The six collectable post cards fit into the front of the collectable packaging for a customizable look with your favorite character from Les Miserables.

Can. Not. WAIT. :)


Charity said...

Aw, yeah. I've had this preordered for awhile. (Shame I'll have to wait -- no free two day shipping with Target! ;)

Unknown said...

@Charity - I hope you don't have to wait too long! I'm going to swing by Target on my lunch break Friday. :)

Charity said...

Lucky you! I live 60 miles from the nearest Target. =D

Unknown said...

@Charity - Yeah, I can see where that would be a deterrent to a quick trip! ;)