Friday, September 11, 2009

Robin Hood, series 3 preview

The final (SOB!! SOB!! SOB!!) season of Robin Hood starts tomorrow on BBC America. I absolutely love and adore this trailer. Since I've never really been able to stay away from spoilers regarding this show, I know what's coming down the pipeline. And while I could focus on the moments the showrunners/writers went insane, I'm going to refrain...because this trailer does an excellent job of capturing everything I love about this show - the spirit of heroism and adventure. (The presence of Richard Armitage as Gisborne goes without saying at this point, no? LOL)

BBC America did create a fun little extra for their Robin Hood website - the Hunks of Sherwood Forest desktop calendars. October is going to be a very good month, I am just saying... :-)


Phylly3 said...

This trailer looks AWESOME! Way more interesting than the Russell Crowe movie. I have heard that movie is not so great. I am not surprised -- NO GISBORNE! (No Armitage -- I should say.) ** sniff **

Unknown said...

@phylly3 - While nothing can ever replace my love for this TV show (mainly thanks to RA as Guy!), I really did enjoy the new Russell Crowe Robin Hood movie. That actually surprised me...but I just had to consciously decide to view it as a completely different sort of Robin Hood. And having Mark Strong as the villain is nothing to sneeze at IMO... ;)