Sunday, October 11, 2009

NYC - Day 4 & 5 (10/4-10/5/09)

Okay, since it took 3 days for Facebook to "allow" me to post the remainder of my NYC trip pictures, I'm kind of over them at the moment. ;-) Here are a few selected shots from the last two days of the trip - and that's it, promise! LOL!

Sunday we went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle for church - the service was just awesome! This side entrance is a little unprepossessing, but once you're inside the building the renovated theater is spectacular!

Little Italy, which I absolutely loved & adored.

We took the Staten Island Ferry around 6:00 - perfect weather, and I got some shots of the gorgeous sunset to boot!

This is a picture of the memorial inside the first responders fire station right across from the World Trade Center site.

Shot of the Brooklyn Bridge from our walk Monday morning.

Regular blogging resumes from now on. :-)


Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Love that awesome shot from the ferry and of the Brooklyn Bridge! Thank you for sharing! I've never been to NYC but it looks like tons of fun!

xoxo~ Renee

Heidenkind said...

You went to church while you on vacation? That's dedication, girl! I'm impressed.

Did it seem like Little Italy was really tiny to you? I visited it when I went to NYC and it seemed like it'd been almost completely swallowed up by Chinatown. I was thinking about eating there, but none of the restaurants looked very good.

Unknown said...

@Renee - You're welcome & thanks! NYC was a blast - I hope to go back and see more shows someday!

@heidenkind - I sorta felt like church at the Brooklyn Tab was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Plus, this trip sorta came about because Leah was going to a conference there - and we found out she got to sing with the choir, which was VERY cool. The service was just fantastic.

And I completely agree with you about Little Italy - I loved it, but it was so tiny! I wanted more, LOL! The place we ate - Frankie Cee's something or other - doesn't look like much, but the food was excellent.