Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NYC Day 2 - Everything Else

This is a very small sampling of the pictures I took after Julia, Lori & I left Central Park on day 2 of our NYC adventures! (As usual, more pics are on Facebook!)

This is probably my favorite shot from visiting FAO Schwartz...the Harry Potter Lego display!! Isn't that cool? :)

St. Patrick's Cathedral - absolutely gorgeous, such an impressive site!

Me @ 30 Rockefeller Plaza!

One of the shots I took of the Wicked stage before show started. People, let me tell you - Wicked was absolutely spectacular. I've been wanting to see this show for something like six years - and to see it on Broadway? That was a dream come true, and so worth the wait. The Gershwin Theater completely blew me away...don't be surprised if a post devoted to my Broadway musicals experience appears in the near future. :)

In front of the Gershwin Theater with Elphaba. :)

Hang in there people - there's still three more days' worth of pictures to sample! ;-)

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