Friday, October 9, 2009

NYC Day 3 - 10/3/09

Hope ya'll aren't tired of NYC posts yet. :) Here's a few of my favorite shots from day 3 of our trip.

Bryant Park was absolutely gorgeous, even though it'd been raining!

Grand Central Station - absolutely LOVED this place!!

The clock in Grand Central - remined me of the old Judy Garland film The Clock - such a sweet classic!

The Empire State Building - zero visibility that night, but I thought this pic came out kind of cool!

My favorite shot of traffic around the Empire State Building - cool, no? ;-)


Heidenkind said...

I love that pic of the Empire State Building--so cool! These posts are making me totally nostalgic for NYC. :)

Laura Frantz said...

The city that never sleeps, indeed:) Great pics, Ruth!

Unknown said...

Thanks, ya'll! :)