Monday, February 25, 2013

Bond at the Oscars

Via Dailymotion:

50 Years Of Bond - Salute & Goldfinger... by IdolxMuzic

The clip reel is pretty lame, but oh my goodness did Shirley Bassey bring her A-game or what? Love it.

And a huge congratulations to Adele on her win for the Skyfall theme -- the first Oscar win for a Bond theme EVER, and the first Oscar for the franchise in 45 years (1966 - Thunderball, for Visual Effects).


Deborah said...

and Skyfall also won for sound editing! I was so hoping that all 6 of them would show up but no. why even bother having a tribute?

Unknown said...

@Deborah - YES! And I agree, as a 50th anniversary tribute this "event" was really rather lacking. :P

Rissi said...

'Skyfall' is a stunning song. So glad Adele won for it. :)

Unknown said...

@Rissi - Me too! :)