Sunday, February 17, 2013

a quick note to feed subscribers

You'll notice in the coming weeks that I've shortened the blog's feed from "full" to abbreviated, as an alert friend notified me this morning that she discovered another site that has been poaching my posts.

Nice, right? Stupid internet trolls.

Sorry for the inconvenience of clicking through to read my scribblings here -- but last time I discovered someone was stealing my posts, one of the steps I took to discourage trolling was limiting the feed capabilities. Any other ideas, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for being there! :)


Patti said...

Ruth, would you explain to me why someone would choose to go through a feed reader rather than just visiting the blog? I don't use feed readers...don't even really know what they are and what purpose they serve.

I "follow" blogs, they show up in my Blogger dashboard, then I click on each post that I want to read...takes me directly to the blog itself. What is the advantage to not doing it that way?

Tales of Whimsy said...

Stealing your posts?
Oh goodness no.
Say it isn't so!
I know it's been a problem in the YA community but I was hoping that was it.
What kind of reviews did they take?
Question: How does one change the setting to abbreviated?

Heidenkind said...

@Patti Feeds are just a convenient way to follow and organize the blogs you read, especially when you follow over 200 like I do. You can organize them by subject, favorites, days of the week, etc. And they don't have to all be on one platform like they do if you're following through WP or Blogger (though if you're following through those, you're actually subbing through an RSS feed anyway, it just shows up on your Blogger/WP page instead of through Google Reader or Feedly).

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, and thanks Tasha for jumping in to answer Patti's question -- I appreciate it, especially since I've gotten SO behind on replying to comments (obviously). :P