Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project update #2

It's been several weeks since I've shared a cross-stitch project update, and since I haven't picked this up in two weeks at least, here's hoping this proves to motivate me to get back to work. :)

Anyone else keeping busy with crafting projects this summer?


Tales of Whimsy said...

Wow. It looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

I couldn't tell ya the last time I did any cross-stitching, and I miss it so much. You're making great progress...that's a lot of time you've invested there!

Kristin said...

It looks amazing! I especially love her skirt- it's so lovely and sparkly. :)

Unfortunately I haven't been able to do much crafting over the past few weeks...but I'm getting ready to try fixing a HP-themed shirt for Thursday night!


Amber Holcomb said...

Beautiful! And so sweet. :)

I just finished my hummingbird cross-stitch project during our family vacation. :) I'll plan on posting about it this upcoming week!


Unknown said...

@Juju - Thank you!

@Christy - Thanks! It's been fun - I have a bad history of not finishing projects, and I'm determined to see this one through (eventually). :)

@Kristin - Wait till I add the sparkly embellishment stitches! Thank you! :) Looking forward to seeing your HP project!

@Amber S. - Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your latest project!

Alexandra said...

It's looking gorgeous! I agree with Kristin...the skirt is pretty awesome. I love how the "sparkles" look!

Unknown said...

@Alexandra - Thank you! I was bad and didn't work on this AT ALL this weekend. Oh well, maybe this week!

Joanne said...

Ruth -- This is beautiful, and I agree with everyone.....the gorgeous gown really catches your eye. I dabble in scrapbooking and card making for my creative outlet and enjoy photography.

Unknown said...

@Joanne - Thank you! Card-making, hmm? Sounds like fun! :)