Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: A Perfect Fit by Lynne Gentry

A Perfect Fit (Prequel to Healer of Carthage) (The Carthage Chronicles #0.5)
By: Lynne Gentry
Publisher: Howard Books


Several months ago when I learned of Lynne Gentry's forthcoming debut I was immediately intrigued. Healer of Carthage is the story of Lisbeth, a twenty-first century doctor who finds herself lost in third-century Carthage, fighting a deadly epidemic alongside a handsome doctor (well, the summary doesn't SAY handsome, but I feel sure that's the case). How FLIPPING AWESOME IS THAT? Ancient Rome, star-crossed (time-crossed?) lovers? Togas and gladiators and archaeological adventures? I can't wait until March!

I'm so excited this release is almost here, even more so now that I've experienced Gentry's writing in this prequel novella. A Perfect Fit is the story of Lisbeth's parents and their discovery of the mystery that promises to open a portal in time. Novellas such as this can be hit-or-miss -- given the constraints of the format the story oft-times feels lacking. Happily this prequel is a well-crafted teaser, leaving me more excited than ever for Gentry's full-length debut. Medical student Magdalena and archaeologist Lawrence share a humorous meet-cute, and sparks fly as the two attempt to bridge their cultural differences, bonding over Lawrence's latest discovery. Although sketched in brief, Gentry does an admirable job of touching on the cultural and familial expectations Magdalena struggles with. I do feel that her decision to accept Lawrence's offer is too rushed, but given the limits of the novella format accepting that development on faith is forgivable. *wink*

A Perfect Fit is an entertaining, fast-paced story, and if my enjoyment of the small slice of Gentry's writing is an indication, I have high hopes for Healer of Carthage. March, come quickly! :)

About the book:

This e-short prequel to The Carthage Chronicles series offers an exclusive look at the romance of archaeologist Lawrence Hastings and Dr. Magdalena Kader­—parents of heroine Dr. Lisbeth Hastings from the upcoming novel Healer of Carthage—and how they stumbled upon a mystery thousands of years old and began the fateful journey to the Cave of the Swimmers.

Before Lawrence Hastings became obsessed with the Cave of the Swimmers and the mysterious disappearances surrounding it, he was just a young archaeologist excavating the Tophet of Roman Carthage. After an embarrassing on-the-job injury, Lawrence meets Magdalena Kader, a beautiful local doctor caught between her loyalty to her father and his traditions and what her heart truly desires.

Can they overcome their vastly different worlds to find something more?


Heidenkind said...

The Healer of Carthage does sound pretty awesome. Will have to be on the lookout for it!

Unknown said...

@Tasha - Doesn't it though? So different & fun! Looking forward to it. :)