Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Call the Midwife Christmas trailer!

While viewers in the US will have to wait until December 29th to see the new Call the Midwife Christmas special on PBS, if this new trailer from the BBC is an indication the wait will be worth it:


Rissi said...

...I've missed Call the Midwife.

Kristin said...

I agree with Rissi. :) I've been thinking about Call the Midwife a lot lately and I've got the date for the Christmas special marked on my calendar!

{I'm getting the book it's based on for Christmas...I know this because I picked it out. :) Anyway, I'm very excited about reading it!}

Cathy said...

Looks so good! Can't wait to watch it. : )
Thanks for sharing!

Anne Mateer said...

What a Christmas treat that will be! :)

Unknown said...

@Rissi - Me too!

@Kristin - Maybe this coming year will finally be the year I read the books too! :)

@Cathy - You're welcome!

@Anne - Agreed, my friend! :)