Monday, April 1, 2013

Spies of Warsaw - extended trailer

If you ask  me, BBC America has been pretty stingy with the trailers for the upcoming David Tennant drama, Spies of Warsaw -- but at last, in advance of the April 3rd premiere, there is a longer television spot:

Can't wait. I mean this could end up being TERRIBLE, but I'm not going to care because 1) DAVID TENNANT and 2) DAVID TENNANT IN A WORLD WAR II DRAMA. It's a win anyway you look at it from that perspective. *wink*


Alexandra said...

You forgot number 3 - David Tennant in a James Bond-sy role. Total win. SO looking forward to this. Plus I'm digging the wavy hair look on him. ;)

Unknown said...

@Alexandra - How on earth did I forget THAT point?! Well said! :)