Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more Castle posters!

How awesome was Castle's 100th Rear Window-inspired episode Monday? I absolutely LOVED it. Last week I shared three episode posters created to celebrate the show's 100 episode milestone, and today I found two more (so of COURSE I had to share them!):

You can view the other Castle posters here.


Rissi said...

Oh. My. Word. This episode was BRILLIANT! Loved, loved, loved it!

How cute are Castle and Beckett together!? <3

Unknown said...

@Rissi - Glad you loved Castle's 100th too! Caskett was adorable weren't they? ;)

Kate Scott said...

Love these! Steampunk and sci-fi--totally Castle. :)

Unknown said...

@Kate - Aren't they fun? I wish they'd had time to design more of them! :)