Saturday, September 29, 2012

tomorrow in television

Tomorrow is a crazy packed evening for television. Once Upon a Time has its much-anticipated second season premiere!

Now, I still haven't blogged about the last four episodes of season one (BAD RUTH!), so bear with of my blogging goals for the next week is to get current with that show.

Tomorrow also sees the premiere of Call the Midwife on PBS. This show received fabulous reviews when it aired in the UK and I'm super excited about its debut here!

Watch Call the Midwife - Preview on PBS. See more from Call the Midwife.

Following the premiere of Call the Midwife, Masterpiece is airing an encore marathon of last year's Upstairs Downstairs, season one in advance of the season two premiere next week (check local listings to confirm airings). You can check out my reviews of this thoroughly enjoyable series here: "The Fledging," "The Ladybird," and "The Cuckoo."


Ella said...

Let's see....on my Sunday....I have "OUAT" (which yes, you need to review those), "Revenge," "The Amazing Race" with the family.....and then Downton Abbey =)

Unknown said...

@Ella - Since I'm so behind on OUAT, I'm planning on watching Call the Midwife when it airs...OUAT will be easy to catch On Demand. I'm gonna have to stay away from FB though to avoid spoilers! LOL!

Ella said...

The Call the Midwife does look interesting....I was just reading People Magazine and they recommended it!

Unknown said...

@Ella - I love the fact that it was based on a midwife's memoirs! :)

Rissi said...

I have 'Midwife' pre-ordered as it does look... interesting. Should prove "pretty" if nothing else since all BBC costume dramas at least have that going for them. :-)

Hope you enjoy S2 of 'Once,' Ruth - I will be settling for spoilers and promo spots until August 2013. *sigh* Oh, the life of a TV-on-DVD viewer. ;-D

Anonymous said...

I have a "date" with Downton first, today...then OUAT. I'm going to be going nuts between the both of them. Call the Midwife looks good--I'll need to check it out!

Kristin said...

Hey, Rissi, have you ever tried Hulu? I wasn't sure if season 2 of OUAT was going to be available on Hulu, but I just checked this morning and it is. The episodes don't expire until about a month after they air. I'm finishing up season 1 through Netflix and then planning on watching the new episodes on Hulu. It does take a bit longer to watch them online than on TV or DVD, but we don't have TV so I put up with the loading/streaming/buffering. :)

Just a thought, so you wouldn't have to wait so long to see it! :)


Charity said...

I was all set to watch OUAT this morning on ABC... and their watch now isn't working. Well, pooey!

Upstairs Downstairs... the second season. Yeah, I'm thinking a no-go for me, since now it's all about adultery and lesbians! =O

Karrie said...

Loved Once Upon a Time season opener. I was a little worried about where they were going to go after the curse was broken, but it looks like the season is going to be great!

Unknown said...

@Rissi - The first episode was rather intense! But the period detail -- wonderful! And the Once S2 premiere - EXCELLENT. :)

@Meghan - Midwife was excellent -- as was OUAT! And hope you enjoyed Downton...I'm looking forward to Season 3!

@Kristin - Great idea, hope it works out for Rissi! :)

@Charity - The season opener was SO good!

@Karrie - I think this season looks to be VERY promising! :)

Rissi said...

@Ruth: I wondered if 'Midwife' would be a bit intense just from the previews and synopsis'. I don't know that it'll be my fave BBC set but if nothing else - just as you point out - I'll love the period detail. :-)

I read that the premiere of 'Once' was fab - cannot wait to know more of your thoughts whenever they appear here on your blog. :-)

@Kristin: thanks for that idea! I really appreciate it. I have actually been on Hulu a time or two but never watched anything fully on it for various reasons. I need to apologize for my frequent comments about watching shows on DVD - sometimes in my enthusiasm for a show, I can come across sounding a bit "whiny" about not watching them on TV/on-line. In reality it's my choice and I actually prefer the DVD sets - there is less time between eps. that way + no commercials! That is always awesome. :-D

So... my apologies to everyone for my too-frequent remarks as regards that. I will try to check that in the future. :-D

Unknown said...

@Rissi - I'm trying, really I am, to catch up on Once! :)

Also, just for the record, I didn't think you came across as "whiny" or anything like that...if anything I rather admire your ability to hold out for DVD releases! :)