Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera - 25th Anniversary

I received my copy of The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall DVD (purchased on the strength of my Ramin Karimloo obsession) this afternoon which promptly went into the DVD player. People, this is an extraordinary document of the phenomenon that is Phantom. Easily the best concert staging of a musical I've ever seen -- the staging, costumes, and performances are stellar. Seriously rent it, stream it, buy it like yesterday, whatever it takes. *wink* Here's the trailer:


Patti said...

I have never heard anything but amazing things about this. The music is supposed to about the most awesome music EVER. I definitely need to see it.


Kate Scott said...

I adore the music! I never much liked the plot, but I have loved the music of the Phantom of the Opera since I first heard it. I actually got to sing Think of Me in a grade school performance of the musical score which was amazing. ALW is a genius.

Alexandra said...

Sooooooo happy they documented this on DVD. Being that I (cough, cough) *heavily* dislike the film version, adore the stage version, and its unlikely that I'll ever get to Broadway to see it...I was sooo happy that there is this available (don't have to rely solely on bootlegs via YouTube anymore :-P)!!!

Plus Ramin (loooove!!!) and Sierra were brilliant - Ramin is definitely my favorite Phantom next to Michael Crawford, and Sierra is THE BEST Christine. I *love* them together!!!

The only quibble I had was that they didn't have Michael Crawford sing at the end or involve him in the "special songs" at the end in any way. I was about to strangle ALW for a day or so. But I got over it. Partially. :-P

Anyway, it was brilliant!!!

Joanne said...

I ADORE The Phantom of the Opera! When I was in New York this past summer, that was one of the shows we went to see and it was glorious! (My daughter was spooked and my husband and son were confused and bored, but I LOVED every minute! ha!) Wicked was another amazing show I was lucky enough to see while in NY.

Charity said...

I've already watched mine three times since it arrived. And this afternoon, watching it with a friend will be a fourth. =D

Unknown said...

@Patti - Oh my goodness the music is amazing! This would be a great intro to the show for you! :)

@Kate - You are not kidding. :)

@Alexandra - Glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much too! I am so so impressed with both Ramin and Sierra!

@Joanne - Oh I can't imagine the thrill of seeing Phantom ON BROADWAY. I did see Wicked on my NYC trip a few years ago - LOVED it!

@Charity - Awesome. :)