Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christmas at Downton preview

Okay Dan Stevens is ADORABLE in this video:


EHisCDN said...

I saw this episode already and I won't spoil it for anyone but it is excellent!

Dan Stevens is adorable. He also wears a suit very well ;D

Patti said...

I, too, have already seen this episode. LOVED it! Am more than ready for season 3!

EHisCDN said...

I can't believe we have to wait so long for season 3, not sure how I'm going to do it!

Heidenkind said...

When is he NOT adorable???

Lori said...

Oh, he is ADORABLE in this video!!!!!

Unknown said...

@EHisCDN - Oh I'm excited! And re: the suit -- you are not kidding! :)

@Patti - Me too! Can't believe ANOTHER wait begins for more Downton!

@Tasha - Good point. Not too often, maybe just at the end of this week's episode when he looked all pasty white? ;)

@Lori - He's so adorable I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!