Friday, November 11, 2011

The Song of Lunch on Masterpiece

This Sunday Masterpiece Contemporary premieres The Song of Lunch, starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. I have it on good authority (hi Lori!) that this is a pretty good program -- any thoughts? Here's a bit about the story:
When a middling copy editor/failed poet meets his former lover for lunch 15 years after their affair, he finds that everything — and nothing — has changed. From the tablecloths to the wine to his former lover, wealth and success now gloss the surface where kitsch and passion once held sway. He is bitter, petulant and increasingly inebriated; she is glamorous, generous, and eventually provoked. A dramatization of Christopher Reid's acclaimed narrative poem, The Song of Lunch stars Alan Rickman (Harry Potter films) and Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, film version) in the unnamed roles of He and She. Waiter, I'll take the nostalgia special with a side of recrimination and finish with regret, for a lunch that celebrates love and ambition with poignancy, humor, and affection.


Heidenkind said...

My thoughts are it looks like it's going to be pretentious and boring, but who care because ALAN RICKMAN OMG. *dies*

Patti said...

It sounds interesting to me...and I don't watch much current stuff, preferring, instead, classic movies. But this sounds like something I might enjoy.

Thanks for the review!!

Heather said...

When I first saw this I though "Sense and Sensibility sequel!!" lol. Because, of course, he was also Col. Brandon! I just watched it the other day (again) so I suppose I had it on the brain ;)

Anne Mateer said...

Doesn't matter to me what the story is, I just figure it will be well done with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. I'll definitely be watching!

Unknown said...

@heidenkind - Yeah, the premise doesn't interest me all that much -- but the actors...that's another story. :)

@Patti - You're welcome, let me know what you think!

@Heather - I know, it is funny that S&S is the first thing I think of when I see these two together. :)

@Anne - Hope you enjoy!