Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Retrospective & Looking Ahead

I'm not really much of one for doing "best of year" posts, because as shocking as this may seem, I don't review everything on this blog. *wink* I didn't even do a year-end retrospective last December! My goal is, of course, to get around to reviewing it all eventually. But since that's not good enough for the completist in me to put together specific best of 2010 posts for books, movies, etc., this is going to be more of a brief retrospective, looking back on the year as I experienced it in book and film here on the blog. Anything is eligible here, not just books or films released in 2010 - they were just reviewed by me in 2010. Without further ado, and in no particular order of preference, here are a few favorites from the past year that you may have missed, forgotten about, or might want to add to your own "to do" lists for 2011.

Ten Books
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Six Movies
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Four Masterpiece Productions
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A few notes:

Books: In the coming weeks you'll see (I hope!) reviews of the other books that were shortlisted for the 2010 INSPY Award in Historical Fiction. What with the holidays, getting sick, and general December craziness, at this point I'm probably going to be re-reading the review-less books and sharing those reviews with you in 2011.

Movies: There are several movies I've seen that have yet to be reviewed on the blog, including Letters to Juliet and Tangled that would have most definitely made this post, if I'd had my act together. *wink* So bear with me. :)

Masterpiece: Sadly, I really flopped with my goal of reviewing ALL Masterpiece productions as they aired this year. This year was a great one for the Mystery season in particular, with a stellar Marple and Poirot episodes that have yet to be reviewed here. I'll catch up someday...right?! *sigh* FYI, for Emma, Small Island, and Sherlock, I linked to only my review of the first episode in each series. Check out my Masterpiece Classic page for links to the rest of my reviews.

Music & TV: My music reviews were so sporadic this year I decided not to include any in this post. If the category picks up review-wise in 2011, expect to see some in my next year-end retrospective. TV-wise, I watch way more than "just" Masterpiece - White Collar, Psych, Doctor Who, and Castle are a some favorites, just to name a few. This is a review category I'd like to "resurrect" in 2011, particularly since I reviewed the entire 3rd season of Primeval on this blog back in 2009, and the brand-new season starts this Saturday (yippee!). So we'll see how that goes...

So, how about you? Did any favorites from my list make yours? Any glaring omissions? :)

Looking ahead: Reading-wise, I really want to read more and complete as many of the challenges as possible that I went all crazy signing up for earlier in the week. I also really, really want to keep up with my Masterpiece reviews (and catch up on everything I skipped reviewing in 2010!). So we'll see how that goes.

I'd also really like to host some fun giveaways as a little way of saying "thanks" to all of you who read and comment on this blog and make it fun. These giveaways would most likely consist of books, because seriously, who doesn't like free books? :) I haven't decided yet if entering these giveaways (probably one per month) will be for followers/subscribers only or not...I really want to make the giveaways as much about regular readers as possible, though, as a way to say thanks. Thoughts? Please share. :) Either way, feel free to follow and let me know you're out there if you're so inclined. *wink*

I thought about saving this post till Friday, but since I'm seeing so many year-end posts around the blogosphere, I figured why not go ahead and get it out there? If something blows me away in the next two days I'll let you know. :)


Joy Tamsin David said...

Sons of Thunder made my Top 11 list of 2010. Great book!

And I just rented Knight and Day yesterday. Loved it!

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Oooo love your lists! I haven't read Michal, Abigail, Stars in the Night or While We're Far Apart but I really loved the other books that you mentioned.

As for movies I've only seen The Young Victoria (the actors were great and the costumes were incredible)and Night and Day. LOVED TYV and Night and Day was cute. I'm looking forward to Jane Eyre and Pirates 4 in 2011.

I loved Emma and I'm really looking forward to the new season of Classic! 2011 is going to be a great year!!!!

XOXO~ Renee

Unknown said...

Both of Jill Eileen Smith's books are fabulous, and Abigail was soooo close to making it on my Top Ten list! I'm so eager to read Bathsheba!

Unknown said...

I want to see the movies you listed. I did see Robin Hood in theaters, and it was awesome and I want to see it again! I'd like to own it actually. Robin Hood is one of my favorite books. :)
I haven't read for pleasure for a long time. Most of the books you review I end up wanting to read but just never do.

Unknown said...

@Joy - I agree, Sons of Thunder just blew me away. LOVED it! And so happy to hear you enjoyed Knight & Day - definitely one of the most entertaining movies to release all year. So funny!!!

@Renee - Thank you! Michal & Abigail were just incredible, Smith does a fantastic job bringing the Old Testament to life. And Stars - wow, loved it, and While We're Far Apart was a "slow burn" but SO worthwhile.

Oh, I'm looking forward to Pirates #4 too!!! And of course Jane Eyre is gonna be grand. :) Can't wait for Masterpiece to kick into high gear with Downton on 1/9!

@Christy - I can't wait for Bathsheba to release either...the wait is gonna be over before we know it!

@Terra - Oh you NEED to see Knight & Day, I think you'd love it. That and The A-Team. Well, really all of them. :) And I ADORE Robin the director's cut for my birthday, and the extra scenes were great additions to the film!

Maybe 2011 will bring more chances to read for fun...keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Laura Frantz said...

Ruth! You bless me (again)! I, too, share your JOY over many of the items on all your lists with some left to read/view. Currently I am in the throes of Robin Hood and just succumbed and ordered the special of The Vicar of Dibley with RA. Overdue for a rerun of North&South. Am short on Kleenex at the moment! Anyway, thanks so much for all you do to promote wonderful movies and books and more. I'm so blessed by our friendship.

Heidenkind said...

Psych and Castle have both been great this year. And I think giveways would be fun. :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

I'm a Castle girl too Heidenkind :)

I LOVED Emma and Leap Year :)

Unknown said...

@Laura - Oh, CML's spot on my own little 2010 honors list is WELL deserved. LOVED that book and can't wait for your next one!

You will adore the Vicar of Dibley special with RA - it really is the best episodes of that short series, and RA is just adorable (as always, haha!!).

Thank you so much for your kind words and your friendship, they both mean so much to me! Looking forward to what 2011 brings! :)

@heidenkind - I LOVED this season of Psych, some of the best eps yet...and I loved how they handled "Shules" taking it to the next level. Looking forward to the return of Castle (I think that's this week!). And glad you share my love of giveaways...I already have like 6 books ready to go!

@Juju - Leap Year was just adorable. And I need to watch Emma again. So much to see, so little time. :)