Thursday, December 23, 2010

Framed coming Sunday 12/26

Just in time to help you through any post-Christmas "blahs" (*wink*), on Sunday 12/26 Masterpiece Contemporary is premiering Framed, which promises to be a delightfully quirky little film. This is the broadcast I've been looking forward to since the Contemporary schedule was announced. Here's a bit about the story:
Framed premieres Sunday, December 26, 2010, on MASTERPIECE CONTEMPORARY. Art curator Quentin Lester (Trevor Eve) worships art to the exclusion of people. When a flood at London's National Gallery threatens his masterpieces, he squires them away to the Welsh countryside. There he meets a lineup of quirky inhabitants, including the spirited teacher Angharad (Eve Myles), and learns that these paintings on the move have the power to move people.


Heidenkind said...

That sounds absolutely lovely!

Unknown said...

@heidenkind - I know...I have very high hopes! And the premise is seriously right up your alley...can't wait to hear your thoughts!