Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Ten Posts

I was messing around the "stats" features on Blogger, which shockingly enough I've never paid attention to until recently. Anyways, I was quite curious to see what the blog's top ten posts to date's a very odd assortment, as you can see.

In honor of holding the #1 spot, Lewis and Hathaway get to decorate the graphic. :)

1. Inspector Lewis, series 2 - 367 page views
2. Inspector Lewis: The Dead of Winter - 351 page views
3. Poirot: Cat Among the Pigeons - 274 page views
4. Downton Abbey trailer - 248 page views
5. Masterpiece Classic DVD update! - 220 page views
6. David Suchet on the Orient Express - 180 page views
7. Return to Cranford, part 2 - 176 page views
8. Inspector Lewis: Falling Darkness - 164 page views
9. Sherlock: A Study in Pink - 161 page views
10. Robin Hood 3.7: Too Hot to Handle - 158 page views

Well, one thing is clear - I'd better never stop blogging about all things British, hmm? :) I find it interesting that Inspector Lewis-related posts take up three slots in the top ten. For a show that I never expected to really get into, that says something doesn't it? I also think it's hilariously random that my review of Robin Hood season 3, episode 7, is such a high-ranking post. Considering the show has been off the air for a year, that's not bad...but why this episode? Ah, things to ponder...

Thanks for indulging me... :)


Olivia said...

If you stopping blogging about all things British, I'd be worried about the world ending.

Unknown said...

@Liv - LOL! Yes, if that ever happens it's probably a sign of the apocalypse. :P

Amber Holcomb said...

I find it really interesting to see what posts are the most visited! ;) On my blog, the top spot has been long held by Julie Lessman (when she was a guest on my blog), and the runners-up now include the "Mondays for the Military" spotlights, as well as some other giveaway posts. Here's my "All time" (May-November 2010) list so far, if you're interested:

1. "A Hot Summer Day" with Julie Lessman
2. Monday for the Military: Meet KC Frantzen
3. Fall Friday (Recipes and Giveaways!)
4. Welcome Autumn (with Giveaway)!
5. Monday for the Military: Meet Captain Stokes
6. Launch of a New Post Series
7. Monday for the Military: Meet Stephen Novak
8. An Unbelievable Experience
9. Back to Blogging!
10. Christmas in July: Day One

I am happily surprised by the overwhelming positive response towards the "Mondays for the Military" post series. :) The Julie Lessman and giveaway posts are popular for obvious reasons. ;)

I think the ones that kind of surprise me are "Back to Blogging!" (which was the post I published when I returned from vacation--when I took a short blogging hiatus), as well as "Christmas in July: Day One." Apparently, people like Christmas! ;)

Thanks for the fun post! Keep up the great work! Love those PBS Masterpiece shows! ;)

Speaking of which, I'm hoping to watch "A Study in Pink" tonight!!!


Heidenkind said...

Do you have a really good picture of Richard Armitage in that Robin Hood post? ;)

I messed with the blogger top posts thing once. I was surprised that my loooooooong essay on Dante and The Divine Comedy in Art was number one, because I was pretty sure no one read that. My theory is students have been copying from it for papers.

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Ahhhh...the power of Hathaway! ;-)

Joanne said...

Fun post, Ruth! I, too, just recently discovered the stats feature on my blog (being a very technically challenged person I rarely experiment with my blog for fear of losing it all by hitting the wrong button!) I was amazed at what continues to be in the top spot, day after day! My post on Jean Plaidy's Murder Most Royal is my daily top post and has been for an entire year. No kidding -- EVERY DAY! My second top post? Curiously, it's the Deanna Raybourn Livechat post I made once -- don't know why that post gets so many hits (even over posts with her books reviewed). I guess people just want to chat with Deanna!

Unknown said...

@Amber S. - Me too, glad I'm not the only one who finds this type of thing interesting. :) Thanks so much for sharing your own top ten list, that was a great & varied assortment of posts too! And thanks...I saw that you watched "A Study in Pink" - now I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on "The Great Game"!!

@heidenkind - Shockingly enough that Robin Hood post is devoid of any Richard Armitage pics! There is a good Toby Stephens one in there though...hmmm... :) And I think you're probably on to something with your theory about why your Dante essay is your #1 post...LOL!

@Laurel Ann - EXACTLY. :) LOL!

@Joanne - Thanks Joanne! I never, ever paid attention to the stats feature until like a week ago! LOL! That's a very interesting #1 post for you, too - it's quite fascinating to see what keeps driving traffic to our sites, isn't it? And I totally get the Deanna Raybourn post's popularity. Well deserved IMO. :)