Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspector Lewis continues tomorrow!

In case you forgot since Masterpiece was "off" last weekend, tomorrow Inspector Lewis continues its fourth series with a brand-new episode entitled Wild Justice. Here's a brief teaser about what's in store:
See an all-new episode of Inspector Lewis, Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 9pm on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! In Wild Justice, a bishop is poisoned, leading Lewis and Hathaway into a twisted maze of motives and retribution.
Bishops getting poisoned? Sounds wild! *wink* This episode promises to tap into Hathaway's seminary background, and we all know how much I love me some Hathaway! :) See you on the other side with my review!


Ella said...

How ARE the Masterpiece Mysteries? The only ones I have seen are the Classics =)

So, what did you think of my Jane Eyre never said =) And I must say, I was really hoping for your honest opinion. LOL

Oh, I have changed my url address to will have to change the address following if you want to keep up with me =)

Unknown said...

SO...for some reason I totally lost this comment. I am a terrible responder. =P LOVE Masterpiece Mysteries...and can you send me your Jane Eyre link again? I can't believe I let that sorry, my friend!