Monday, February 14, 2011

Any Human Heart update

Just an FYI for those who care, it looks like I'll be giving Any Human Heart a pass on the blog and resume reviewing Masterpiece Classic productions with the encore of The 39 Steps in a few weeks. Due to content issues and a complete lack of anything resembling a compelling and sympathetic lead character (in my opinion, anyway), I was sadly not hooked by this production at all.

I may give Any Human Heart another chance when it releases on DVD, but there's too many other blog-worthy topics in my mental queue for me to want to slog through Heart as it airs right now - which is sad since the cast is really fantastic.

If you watched Part One last night, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I really can't blame you for giving this one a miss!

Although it didn't sound at all like my cup of tea, I thought I'd give it a chance and exclaimed "Ooh, Tom Hollander! Ooh, Charity Wakefield! Ooh, Tobias Menzies!" during the opening credits... and that's pretty much when everything started to go downhill. Ick.

Not what we've come to expect from "Masterpiece".

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

I'll be honest here, I read what this was about online and didn't think I'd be that interested so I watched Prince of Persia last night LOL! On another note I still haven't gotten around to posting about the last episode of Downton Abbey. *Sigh*

I can't wait for Upstairs Downstairs!

XOXO~ Renee

Unknown said...

@Deleilan - Thanks, glad I am not the only one who found this production to not be their "cup of tea" so to speak. :) The cast is tremendous...sad. :/

@Renee - Wise choice my friend, wise choice! LOL!

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

I told my mom (who also watched) that this was one of the few (perhaps only?) Masterpiece Classic productions that I absolutely did not like. No likable characters whatsoever; a plot that crawled at best. It's a shame, really, since I love the time period and there are some fantastic actors in this piece. I knew that whatever came after Downton would be at a disadvantage, but I didn't expect something this disappointing.

Luckily one of the other PBS stations (There are 3 in my area and I'm fortunate enough to live in a spot where they all overlap) showed a re-run of Persuasion later in the evening, which I utterly enjoyed.

Unknown said...

@Ruth - Whew, I am SO glad I'm not the only one who found this production lacking. Like you I can't think of another Masterpiece production that I've started and haven't liked in the least. There may be one back in time somewhere, but this one takes the cake. *sigh* I never expected the schedule to crash & burn this badly after Downton. While I'm not generally a fan of encores on the Masterpiece schedule, it will be a relief when it comes time for The 39 Steps to re-air.

Lucky you with 3 PBS stations! I am guessing they re-ran the Masterpiece production of Persuasion, with Rupert Penry-Jones? I love that one. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch Any Human Heart, but your comment, 'complete lack of anything resembling a compelling and sympathetic lead character' made me laugh. =D

Kristin said...

I was disappointed, too. How could I not be, with Mr. Darcy acting so...un-Mr. Darcyish. I don't know if I'll watch the other two episodes or not.

Also, I will never be able to see Jim Broadbent as anyone other than Professor Slughorn. :)


Unknown said...

@Jen - Always happy to amuse. :)

@Kristin - I didn't stick with it long enough to see Matthew Macfadyen's introduction...sounds like I didn't miss much. :( And seriously, Jim Broadbent is a great Professor Slughorn!! LOL!

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

Yes, the very one! The end is so ridiculously romantic, I love it. Rupert Penry-Jones is fantastic as Captain Wentworth. I'm very much looking forward to the re-run of The 39 Steps.

Unknown said...

@Ruth - Oh, the end to that movie gets me every time too! I just love it. RPJ was so good in The 39 Steps too - can't wait for an excuse to revisit that movie!