Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer

The Quiet Gentleman
By: Georgette Heyer
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373836848

About the book:

An unwelcome return…

When Gervase Frant returns home unscathed from the wars to claim his title as the new Earl of Stanyon, he senses his stepmother’s resentment and his half brother’s open disdain. Now he must establish himself as the new head of the house…and ignore his family’s rising hostility.

Then Gervase’s eye is caught by a lovely young woman – the same woman already much in favor with his half brother. Now the brothers are rivals as they bid for the lady’s affections. But as Gervase struggles to maintain a gentlemanly balance, he begins to find himself the victim of repeatedly cruel accidents. Soon it becomes increasingly clear that someone wants the new Earl of Stanyon dead…


Georgette Heyer novels should be printed with a warning. I have to be careful when reading her novels in public. This is because they inevitably cause a goofy smile to be pasted on my face, and I’ll start giggling loudly at random times for no apparent reason to the poor, unsuspecting public around me. The Quiet Gentleman is no exception to this rule. Absolutely nothing beats a Heyer Regency romance for the sheer enjoyment factor and witty, intelligent humor. She truly is the closest thing to reading Jane Austen – and is generally more hilarious. The Quiet Gentleman is the perfect combination of mystery and romance. The whodunit aspect of the novel is so carefully plotted that the revelation of the guilty party is an eyebrow-raising surprise. And with the romance, Heyer once again succeeds in bringing together two seemingly irreconcilable individuals who turn out to be, of course, perfect for each other. To all you fellow Austen lovers out there – if you’ve never read a Heyer, and my enthusiasm still hasn’t convinced you to pick one up, read The Quiet Gentleman for the pure novelty factor that the hero can be named Gervase Frant and still be incredibly hot. Unbelievable, but trust me, it’s true. *wink*


I originally reviewed The Quiet Gentleman back in September 2006 on my old blog. Since this review has never made it to my new blogging home, I thought it was high time I re-posted it here, especially since I am participating in the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge this year. I did not re-read this novel for the challenge, it's simply the only Heyer novel I've formally reviewed to date (shockingly unforgivable, I know!).

If you're friends with me on Goodreads you may have noticed that I'm currently about halfway through my first selection for the Heyer Reading Challenge - The Reluctant Widow - and it is every bit as delightful and hilarious as every other Heyer Regency that I've ever read. The woman was a genius! Review coming soon!

My mass market edition of The Quiet Gentleman is sadly out of print, but Sourcebooks is re-releasing the novel later this year with a gorgeous new cover (just in case you're interested!). :)


Tales of Whimsy said...

With a warning? How cute :) You made me smile. I can't believe I haven't tried her work yet.

Unknown said...

@Juju - Oh, Heyer's Regencies are SUCH a trip to read. I've yet to come across a "dud" - each one ends up cracking me up. :)

Loving Whatcha Got said...

Could you please add some Dr. Seuss to your reading tier? Or maybe some magazines with lots of pictures? I might actually read something then :) Cliff's notes count (oh wait, that's too much to read too) dang it.

Unknown said...

@Lori - You're funny. :P