Thursday, January 13, 2011

Downton Abbey continues Sunday!

Well I'm sure it's no surprise that I can't WAIT for Part Two of Downton Abbey to air on Masterpiece Classic this Sunday! Here's a brief teaser about what we have to look forward to in this series' second installment:
The hit series Downton Abbey continues Sunday, January 16, 2011 on MASTERPIECE CLASSIC. Mary entertains three suitors, including a bold Turkish diplomat. Meanwhile, the former life of Carson, the butler, is revealed, and Bates risks his health to remain valet.
Hmm, Mary is headed for trouble, I just know it. And I don't know how I'm going to take more of Bates's heartache! Those scenes just tore me up in Part One. If you need a refresher, or you haven't decided whether or not to watch Downton, check out my reviews of Part One:


Joanne said...

Ruth, wasn't it amazing?! I absolutely can't wait for the second episode!

Favorite line for me from episode one: (the Dowager Duchess squeaking) weekend?

Jenny B. Jones said...

I have GOT to watch part one before Sunday!

Unknown said...

@Joanne - I COMPLETELY agree. It was FABULOUS. :) And your favorite line is mine as well - Maggie Smith had so many good lines in Part One, but that "weekend" comment was just priceless!

@Jenny - Yes, yes you do!!! I so hope you can, I would love to hear your take on it!