Friday, May 27, 2011

Masterpiece presents a Miss Marple encore

According to the e-mail I received this week from Masterpiece, instead of broadcasting an encore presentation of Marple: The Secret of Chimneys on 5/29/11, they are showing a Memorial Day concert and making the Marple episode available for online viewing 5/30-6/12. You might want to check your local listings, just in case some markets are re-airing the episode at an alternate time, especially since it features a post-Robin Hood appearance by Jonas Armstrong! :) Here's some info about the episode:
History has been written within the walls of the stately Chimneys estate. But Chimneys's luster was tarnished after a grand party that ended in the theft of a revered Indian diamond. Now, more than 20 years later, Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie, Cranford) is accompanying Virginia Revel to Chimneys, her family home, for a weekend with Virginia's father Lord Caterham (Edward Fox, Oliver Twist), Austrian count Ludwig van Stainach and an odd array of other guests. But when Count Ludwig is found shot, it seems scandal has come again to Chimneys. Is there a coded message in the dead man's pocket? An esteemed chief inspector (Stephen Dillane, God on Trial) arrives from Scotland Yard, and with the clear thinking of Miss Marple, the two will uncover decades old secrets, and navigate through the smokescreen of perplexing clues to the truth of what happened at Chimneys. The Secret of Chimneys is based on the novel by Agatha Christie. (One episode; 90 minutes)


Charity said...

Oh, yeah, it does have Jonas Armstrong in it. For me, Stephen Dillane is the draw as the slightly sarcastic, mild-mannered policeman. ;)

Unknown said...

@Charity - I'm looking forward to the excuse to rewatch this one. Sadly I don't remember much about Dillane right off. ;)