Friday, May 20, 2011

Masterpiece Mystery 2011 Schedule

Masterpiece Mystery has finally announced its summer schedule! Here's a look at what's in store for us in the coming weeks:


Agatha Christie’s beloved characters return to this season’s MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! lineup, featuring the suave Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) and the charming spinster sleuth Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie). (All episodes 90 minutes unless otherwise noted. National broadcast dates in bold; online viewing dates in parentheses.)
  • May 22 (May 23 – Jun 5) Poirot: “Murder on the Orient Express” (Encore)*
  • (May 23 – Jun 21) “David Suchet on the Orient Express: A Masterpiece Special” 60 min. (Encore)*
  • May 29 (May 30 – Jun 12) Marple: “The Secret of Chimneys” (Encore)*
  • Jun 5 (Jun 6 – Jun 19) Poirot: “Appointment with Death” (Encore)*
  • Jun 12 (Jun 13 – Jun 26) Poirot: “The Third Girl” (Encore)*
  • Jun 19 (Jun 20 – Jul 19) Poirot: “Three Act Tragedy”
  • Jun 26 (Jun 27 – Jul 26) Poirot: “The Clocks”
  • Jul 3 (Jul 4 – Aug 2) Poirot: “The Hallowe’en Party”
  • Jul 10 (Jul 11 – Aug 9) Marple: “The Pale Horse”

What does an honest cop do when his bosses are on the side of the lawbreakers? Detective Aurelio Zen brings justice to modern-day Italy—whether the authorities want it or not. This trio of spellbinding cases, based on the bestselling novels by Michael Dibdin, stars Rufus Sewell (Middlemarch). (All episodes 90 minutes. National broadcast dates in bold; online viewing dates in parentheses.)
  • Jul 17 (Jul 18 – Aug 30) “Vendetta”
  • Jul 24 (Jul 25 – Aug 30) “Cabal”
  • Jul 31 (Aug 1 – Aug 30) “Ratking” 
*Limited local airings; please check local listings.

All episodes can be viewed online for a limited time at

More titles to be announced.

I am not thrilled about four Christie encores, and only one new Marple episode, but I'll take it. And I am SUPER excited about the Zen mysteries with my darling Rufus Sewell!

You can download a printable copy of the Mystery schedule here.


Kristin said...

I don't think I've ever watched any of the Masterpiece Mystery shows! :) I'm excited about the Agatha Christie ones- I just read one of her books for the first time a few months ago, and I really enjoyed it.


Unknown said...

@Kristin - Girl, you are in for a real treat! :) I love the mystery shows, and I'm a HUGE Agatha Christie fan - I'm glad you've discovered her books!

Alexandra said...

I never got a chance to see the Murder on the Orient Express episode...I was really hoping it was good/somewhat accurate as I LOVE the story but didn't care for previous adaptations of it - plus David Suchet just NAILS Poirot. :-) Looking forward to hearing more...

Amber Holcomb said...

I don't mind the encore episodes too much, as I don't think I've seen any of these episodes anyway! ;) I did watch some old Miss Marple episodes with my aunt and uncle when I visited them in Texas, and I really enjoyed them, so I'm excited to maybe see some more!

But you know what I really can't wait for? The second season of Sherlock!!! :D


Michelle said...

I'm really hoping Inspector Lewis is among the titles to be announced later. Honestly, it's my favorite series on Masterpiece.

Zen does sound good though.

Amber Holcomb said...

Ahhhhh!!! I just saw on the PBS Masterpiece Mystery website that JJ Feild from Northanger Abbey guest stars in the new Miss Marple episode! He is so stinkin' adorable! ;D


Unknown said...

@Alexandra - I'd be VERY curious to hear your thoughts on Orient Express, if you watched it!

@Amber S. - You and me both - BRING ON SHERLOCK! :) Oh, and thanks for pointing out the news about JJ Feild, I love him!

@Michelle - I think it was Laurel Ann from Austenprose who told me that more Inspector Lewis episodes have been made - maybe we'll see those in the August/September timeframe. I hope so!