Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keith Urban concert

In case I have never made it clear, I absolutely love Keith Urban. Not only is he an absolute doll, but he consistently delivers fantastic, amazing music. Last night was my third Keith Urban concert, and once again he did not fail to deliver. There are very, very few acts that I will actually pay just about any price to see (Keith is one, the other is Chris Botti). There are plenty of acts I would go see if someone gave me tickets, or if tickets were incredibly cheap and a group of friends wanted to go, but I am at the point that only those two artists are "must-sees."

What makes a must-see was perfectly captured by last night's experience. Keith Urban has never, ever failed to bowl me over with his artistry, musicianship, energy, and sheer musical excellence, whether it's on an album or live and in person. And I realize this is probably going to sound incredibly corny, but whatever - I never fail to leave a KU concert on the high that can come only from seeing an artist at the top of their game hold nothing back and just pour themselves into the audience. There's nothing quite like watching a performance of that caliber and just knowing that you're watching a guy doing what he loves, that there's no place he'd rather be than giving 110% on stage.

Here are a couple more pics from last night's show. I'm pretty pleased with my little Kodak camera. :) Sugarland was the opening act, but because Jennifer Nettles gets on my last nerve posting pics of the opening is not on my necessary to-do list. ;-)

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Heidenkind said...

You like Keith Urban? Huh. I hadn't noticed. ;)