Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inspector Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery

Now that series 4 of Miss Marple has wrapped up on Masterpiece Mystery, next up are the Inspector Lewis mysteries, starring Kevin Whately in the title role and Laurence Fox as his partner, Sergeant Hathaway. I doubt I'll be doing episode-by-episode blogging for this series, but I will definitely be watching - series 1 of this program was quite good as I recall! Here's a bit about the stories from the PBS website:

Kevin Whately returns as Inspector Lewis teamed with his cool, cerebral partner Detective Sergeant Hathaway (Laurence Fox, A Room with a View). Lewis, the former working-class foil to the erudite Detective Inspector Morse, tackles murder and mayhem with the help of Hathaway in the seemingly perfect academic haven of Oxford.

In 2009, Masterpiece mystery! presents two encore presentations from series one of Inspector Lewis: Old School Ties (August 16) and Expiation (August 23).

August 16, 2009

Old School Ties

Assigned to chaperone a celebrity criminal on his controversial visit to Oxford, Lewis thinks the assignment is a waste of time. Soon, though, two people are dead, and Lewis and Hathaway have their hands full.

August 23, 2009

When an Oxford "soccer mom" is found hanged in her home following a visit from a mysterious stranger, Lewis and Hathaway uncover a web of family and sexual intrigue.

Inspector Lewis: Series II premieres August 30th, 2009, showcasing seven new cases:
And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea (August 30)
Music to Die For (September 6)
Life Born of Fire (September 13)
The Great and the Good (September 20)
Allegory of Love (October 4)
The Quality of Mercy (October 11)
The Point of Vanishing (October 18)

Lewis and Hathaway encounter several crimes that take a personal turn, revealing new sides of the inimitable duo and their deepening relationship.


Deborah said...

ok so my parents finished the Inspector Lynleys and then I got them hooked on Midsomer Murders. They watched EVERY single episode on DVD and loved it. So now I have them watching Inspector Morse, the series before Inspector Lewis. They find Morse kinda boring so I was thinking them of bumping up to Lewis. Is there anything objectionable, language or sex wise? Does he have more humor than Morse, who they found rather dull after Barnaby from Midsomer? Any other British mystery shows you recommend? they are addicted to them. they don't like the agatha Christie ones though. I have Wallander on the holds list. They saw the Foyle series too.

Deborah said...

btw i think i recommended this to you earlier, but if you haven't watched Regency House party, you MUST. we got it from netflix last week and both hubby and i watched it and enjoyed it very much. he was surprised at how much he liked it, although he won't admit it publicly.

Unknown said...

@Deborah - Ok...I only have rather vague memories of series 1 of Inspector Lewis outside of liking the episodes in a general sort of way. As I recall there was some nice humor in the interactions between Lewis and his new partner, Hathaway. I don't remember anything really objectionable, either. Let me do some thinking about other recommendations! Oh - love, love, loved Wallander!! And Foyle's War should be back next year with 3 new episodes - that show was canceled but there was such outrage, apparently, that ITV brought it back for a 6th season. I'm hoping that it airs next summer for Masterpiece Mystery 2010. And I still need to watch Regency House Party, thanks for reminding me!!