Sunday, August 16, 2009

movie poster love, part 1

It is no great secret that I love and adore old movies. Turner Classic Movies is currently in the middle of their Summer Under the Stars film festival, where every day in August they spotlight the films of one star. This year, TCM created fantastic new posters to celebrate Summer Under the Stars - one newly redesigned poster per day, though some films also have "teaser" posters. If you visit the Summer Under the Stars website you can download your favorite posters or the entire collection for free. I love these so much I just had to spotlight a few of them here.

First up is a new poster for Gilda, from 1946, featuring star Glenn Ford. I love the way Ford's face is half illuminated by the red neon glow from Gilda's name. The image perfectly captures the dark, smoldering ambience of the film - it's a classic definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it!

Next up is High Society from 1956, featuring Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. I absolutely love this image, it's a very classy "romantic comedy" look. Very, very classy! High Society is one of my favorite musicals - it's based on the play/film The Philadelphia Story, so it's hilarious, it's got great Cole Porter songs, and Frank Sinatra's in his prime. *swoon* :)

This poster for The Letter from 1940, starring Bette Davis, quite simply rocks. It's quite arresting, no? The opening sequence of this movie is absolutely unforgettable, and Bette Davis is at her manipulative best throughout. The quote on the poster reads "With all my heart I still love the man I killed."

Movie poster love part 2 coming soon! :)


Heidenkind said...

I do love The Letter poster. That one rocks!

I also really like High Society. That movie is sooo much fun. I love Frank Sinatra in it.

Unknown said...

@heidenkind - The teaser poster for The Letter is great too - it's two hands, trading off a blood-smeared letter.