Friday, June 27, 2014

Endeavour Series 2

So, I guess it's officially summer since PBS is finally providing viewers with Masterpiece Mystery-themed programming -- and the one I've been most looking forward to is the return of a young Endeavour Morse!! Endeavour kicks off its second series on PBS this Sunday, June 29th, and runs through July 20th. The first series of this show was just FABULOUS -- from the period setting, costumes, and atmosphere, to the scripting, to each and ever single cast member -- this show is a positive dream come true for this mystery lover. And Shaun Evans' performance as a young Morse is pitch-perfect. Here are a few previews to whet your appetite for the premiere. Enjoy!

Series 2 Preview:

What is Endeavour?


Sarah said...

Tomorrow night cannot come too soon for my taste! :D

Unknown said...

@Sarah - Agreed! :)