Monday, May 14, 2012

I am a mess...

...or, brief thoughts on the season one finale of Once Upon a Time.

#1) It doesn't matter how much Regina cries, apologizes, how miserable she is in her loneliness... response is always "Die, witch, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

#2) It doesn't matter WHAT Mr. Gold/Rumple does, no matter how morally questionable or wrong or just plain misguided and/or stupid...

...he just has to give one look with those soulful eyes and that wounded, angst-ridden expression and I'm all "It's okay, Rumps, I can work with this. Let's HUG IT OUT."

Like I said, I'm a mess. :P

Apologies for the lack of activity on the blogging front. I fully intend to finish reviewing season one of both Once and Grimm, and the latest episode of Sherlock -- but I have an article deadline, a book review deadline, and, you know, work and life, so thanks for your patience. Things should be back to (relative) normal next week at the latest.


Lauren said...

I agree with you on both points. I was so super happy about Belle and Rumple at the ending!!!!

Heidenkind said...

Oooh, you're writing articles now? That's exciting.

Agree 100%. Rumps will rule Storyville! Mwahahaha! ;)

Unknown said...

@Lauren - Oh me too! And then I was just screaming at Rumple "DON'T WRECK IT!!!" :P

@Tasha - It's an article for the upcoming issue of Femnista (I've written for the publication a couple of times before). Thanks though! :)


Michelle said...

I so agree with you on both points. I have ZERO sympathy for Regina.

As for Gold/Rumple, I was squeeling like the fangirl I am when he was reunited with Belle during the finale.

Regina better pay for locking her up.

Unknown said...

@Michelle - Amazing, isn't it? ;) And the Gold/Belle moment at the end of the episode -- oh that made me so happy. Of course then I was yelling "DON'T WRECK IT!!!!!!!!" I think Regina is in serious trouble...heehee... ;)