Friday, September 26, 2014

this weekend on Masterpiece...

This weekend on Masterpiece sees the premiere of season two of The Paradise followed by a new Miss Marple mystery entitled Endless Night (reading the book now, which is a non-Marple tale, and boy is it trippy...can't wait to see how they translate THIS to the screen)! I'll be watching The Paradise later next week On Demand, because Sunday ALSO sees the start of Once Upon a Time's fourth season, and priorities, priorities, I need to reconnect with Captain Hook. *wink* Enjoy!

The Paradise Season 2 Preview:

A scene from Endless Night:


Rissi said...

You'll be one busy girl, Ruth. Especially with Hook returning. ;)

The episode of 'Endless Night' IS creepy. Probably one of the more "insane" Marple episodes I've seen; I'd love to know what you think of it having read the book. Enjoy!

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

So looking forward to Season 2 of The Paradise... The first season was pretty captivating!

Also, I will watch Miss Marple... I love a good mystery! Thank you, Rissi, for the warning that it is creepy. I may have to close my eyes a few times!

Thank you Ruth.... For sharing the video clips... Can't wait to see!

Rissi said...

Hope you enjoy both, Net! This last episode of Marple isn't so much visually creepy as it is mentally... it's just kind of a mind-twister. But then, Miss Marple does stumble across some interesting cases to say the least. :)