Saturday, August 31, 2013

Downton Series 4 Trailer!!!!

It's getting CLOSE PEOPLE!!!


Rissi said...

This kind of made my Saturday, Ruth. I saw it on Twitter and kind of exploded with excitement. :)


Anonymous said...

First reaction: NOO!! NO! NO! NO!
Mum from other room: "What's the matter?!"
Me: "I don't want Branson to be happy!!!"
Second reaction: "NOW what's wrong with Anna & Bates?!"
Third Reaction: "Too many characters! Where's Edith? Oh there she is...once."

Beautiful as always, piano/music for the trailer was SUPERB...I'm wondering if they've gotten too many characters to keep track of, but Julian Fellowes is the man for the job. NOTHING beats the deaths of Sybil & Matthew, though, so I am looking forward to the new season, just not nearly as much as the past ones.
...& yes, I watched the trailer 3 times. Once on FB, 2nd on here, 3rd on Rissi's blog! LOL

Jack said...

I was wondering if they were going to do another series. (I don't want the series, but I love looking at all the pretty costumes on the covers and online.) Is Tom Huddleston on this series as well? (If he was even in any of them. I thought I heard he was, but it might have been another show they were talking about set in the same time period.)