Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I wasn't planning on doing a royal wedding post, but I find I can't resist. :) It's no secret that I love all things British, and back in Diana's heyday I took more than passing interest in the royal family, I confess. That interest has waned a bit over the years, but there is something about the spectacle and romance of a royal wedding that proves irresistible. I was able to watch most of the ceremony this morning while getting ready for work, and it was a gorgeous, moving service - I loved everything about it, from the music to the readings and to the Bishop of London's sermon.

I'm not one of those women who have always had this perfect idea of what I want my wedding dress to look like someday. There have been plenty of gowns that have come close, but not until today did I ever see a dress that I thought was pretty much perfect. :)

Oh well done, Princess Kate. Simple, classy, and elegant. Very reminscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress from 1956. I just adore the throwback, 1940s-1950s feel of the dress. More pics, because I can't help myself...

Oh the kiss. How sweet. :) Best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I can't leave out maid of honor Pippa Middleton's gown - I think it has a wonderful 1930s vibe to it. I think she and Harry would make a lovely couple. Just sayin'. :)

Oh, I can't forget to mention my favorite piece of music used during the ceremony - "Jerusalem," from the poem by William Blake with music by Sir Hubert Parry.

What did everyone else think?


Deborah said...

everything was beautiful. her dress is GORGEOUS. it felt just like a movie fairy tale. they look HAPPY and in love. i mean, they TRULY look happy and it makes me swoon that he whispered to her you look beautiful when he finally saw her. oh and harry...OMG HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.

plus TWO kisses on the balcony!!! i love the crowd's reaction and everytime i watch the video of it, i can't stop grinning.

Heidenkind said...

Loved it! So sweet and romantic. You are totally right, the wedding dress was very Grace Kelly--I was thinking Jackie O, but Grace Kelly is much more appropriate. And what is it about men in uniform that makes them look totally impressive and hot?!? Anyway, it made me happy. :)

When are you going to write a Dr. Who episode breakdown, Ruth?

Kristin said...

You know, I didn't like her sister's gown while I was watching this morning. But now that you mention it, in that picture it looks a lot like something Nora Charles would wear in "The Thin Man." :)


Olivia said...

It was so lovely. She was a exquisite bride. I love how classy and elegant everything was. I think we should have a bit more of that in our culture. And the hats, we need more hats!

It was like a look into another world, and I enjoyed it all.

Lori Benton said...

Being on the west coast and recovering from two back-to-back migraines, I slept in and watched the highlights afterward (well, caught the very last kiss live, before they all went inside, after the fly by), but was surprised to feel myself caught up in it all too. Her gown is beautiful, and how wonderful the weather cooperated. Two beautiful girls, and I admit to it crossing my mind that Pippa and Harry would make a cute couple too! What a sensation that would be, eh?

Unknown said...

@Deborah - A fairy tale is right. *SWOON* :) I agree, I think what brought the whole thing together was how genuinely happy they looked. And Harry - yeesh is that man a HOTTIE. :)AND the two kisses on the balcony - that was perfection - LOVED it!

@heidenkind - Jackie O. ain't bad either. :) The whole thing made me happy too.

A Doctor Who ep review...we shall have to see if I can make that happen... :)

@Kristin - Oh you are SO right, Pippa was definitely channeling Nora Charles. :)

@Liv - I agree. Though I confess I have never been much of a hat person...they can go horrid to easily. ;)

@Lori - I am so sorry you've been dealing with migraines! :( A coworker has been slammed with them this week as well.

Pippa and has a certain ring to it. :)

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

I thought Harry really outshown William LOL! He's a cutie and you don't see cute redheads anymore.

As for Kate's dress I thought it was amaaaaaazing! Before her dress Grace Kelly's was my favorite "royal" gown so I thought it was awesome that she paid homage to her whether intentional or no I loved it. I didn't watch any of the ceremony or anything but I heard that the sermon was terrific especially since the priest said every wedding was for royalty since we are children of the King or something like that. Awesome!

XOXO~ Renee

Alexandra said...

It was a dream. I totally adore Kate now. She just behaves with such class. I loooooved the whole thing...watched the Good Morning America highlights, and then E's rerun, and then the BBC broadcast, which was my favorite of the three. :-) It was completely unforgettable.

Unknown said...

@Renee - LOL, I agree, they seem few and far between in my experience, anyway! ;)

If you can find a replay show on TV or online (which shouldn't be too hard to come by, LOL!), I highly recommend it - the sermon was quite, quite good alone!

@Alexandra - I found myself watching it about 3 times yesterday too! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

Random factoid: I am very distantly related to the royal family (when I found that out, my last name finally made sense). Also, Prince William was born on my due date and I was born on his due date. My mom has always thought that was pretty cool.

I loved the wedding. Catherine's dress was gorgeous and very reminiscent of Grace Kelly. (I'm hoping to see Grace Kelly's gown in person in a couple of weeks -- it's on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art but it's not currently on view. If it's there, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for you!) You can tell that William and Kate are very much in love. The moment where he leaned over to her and said, "You look beautiful." I nearly died. So, so romantic.

Unknown said...

@Ruth - EEEKK!! That is AWESOME! And a very cool bit of trivia about yours and William's due dates/birth dates. :)

Oh my goodness, pictures would be WONDERFUL - I'm going to be keeping my fingers crossed that Kelly's gown is on display when you visit.

I thought William was just adorable yesterday - a bit nervous which was SO cute. And the "You look beautiful" moment - I nearly died too - too, too perfect.