Sunday, April 26, 2009

Robin Hood - Prince John arrives!

Because I have no patience when it comes to BBC America deciding to air Robin Hood season 3, I've been watching it on YouTube. It's a complete pain, but since I started I'm hooked. Episode 5, "Let the Games Commence," introduces Isabella (Lara Pulver), Gisborne's sister - who's promising to be a MUCH more interesting character than I'd ever dreamed. So far I like her better than Kate (Joanne Froggatt), the girl from the village (though she's much less annoying this week than she was in her previous episodes). I found the trailer for episode 6 online...and people I am so happy to announce that Prince John FINALLY arrives in Nottingham. And Toby Stephens looks to be every bit as bloody brilliant in the role as I'd hoped he would be! Watch while you can for the first glimpse of Toby Stephens as the Prince.

Edit: Video removed from YouTube, post updated 8/18/11.

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