Saturday, May 15, 2010

Foyle's War concludes tomorrow...

Tomorrow night series VI of Foyle's War will conclude with the Anthony Horowitz-penned episode "The Hide." Here's a short bit about the story:

Foyle's War concludes on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY this Sunday, May 16, 2010. In The Hide, Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) finally retires, but is inexplicably drawn into the case of well-connected man accused of treason. Is the doomed man hiding evidence that could exonerate him? Written by Foyle's War creator Anthony Horowitz, The Hide may be Foyle's most personal case of all. (One episode; 90 minutes; TV-PG)

For those (like myself) wondering (hoping and praying is more like it!) if Foyle's War will continue, here's some encouragement from a Q&A session PBS posted on their website with Anthony Horowitz (minor spoiler for the end of "The Hide":

The Future

Foyle in America

In the new series, Foyle mentions several times that he's going to America, and at the end of the third episode we see him boarding a ship. What's he up to?

If you go back to an episode called "Fifty Ships" [from Series II], you'll find that there's a character named Howard Paige, played by Henry Goodman, who was a murderer who got away. Foyle swore that after the war he would track him down.

So this is the "unfinished business" Foyle alludes to?

Unfinished business indeed. Yes. It is very much our hope that we will come to America next year and shoot it.

Possibility of a new series

Can we look forward to a new series?

It depends on the financing falling into place. Certainly there is a huge appetite for that next show, and we wouldn't just do one. We would take Foyle into the Cold War. 1946 is a fascinating time in Britain. A lot is happening. Stalin is a new enemy. You could think of Foyle as being a prototype Smiley.


Tales of Whimsy said...

What channel is this on?

Unknown said...

@Juju - Should be on your local public television station.

Carole said...

My husband and I didn't catch the three most recent episodes when they aired on public television. We didn't even learn about it until the second had already aired!

However, we did buy the set, no thought to it, simply because we love the series.

We came upon Foyle's totally by accident, and it's been a fantastic television show to become involved with. The acting is of course superb, but the historical aspect is also what draws me in (and the fact that it's so well researched).

The three newest episodes definitely have a different feel to them. I do miss the regular interaction between Milner and Foyle, but not all things can stay the same I suppose. It's still a great show.

Unknown said...

Hi Carole,

Great to meet another fan of Foyle's War! I do agree, the three most recent episodes did have a slightly different "feel" to them - since the show is post WW2 now the dynamics are changing, I guess. And I had such a hard time dealing with Milner's changed character at the beginning, though thankfully he came around by the 3rd episode! I only hope that ITV "greenlights" a sixth series of the show.