Monday, August 3, 2015


Hello, bloggers! As you might guess from the title of this post, this is making official what's been the state of the blog for the better part of a year (at least). I'm calling an official hiatus on book reviewing and regular blogging through the end of the year. Quite simply I don't currently have the time, and instead of being something I enjoy, the idea of reviewing in the long format I'm used to and love is right now more of a burden and stress, and who needs that, am I right? Also, I need to rediscover reading -- and processing my reaction to the written word -- afresh without the (self-imposed, I know...but the struggle of those self-imposed deadlines is real!) pressure of producing regular blog content.

I may still pop in from time to time, but any pretense of expecting to catch up or once again adopt a regular blogging schedule needs to be off the table for me mentally, for the time being at any rate.

I plan on still remaining active on Twitter and GoodReads, so if we haven't connected on those platforms please come find me! :) After all, just because I'm not blogging regularly doesn't mean I still won't want to talk about books or British television!! :)


Rissi said...

You'll be missed on Booktalk and More, Ruth. But I totally understand what you're saying. Hope to see you again over here, and in the meantime, looking forward to chatting with you on Twitter or Goodreads. :)

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Absolutely can relate to what you're going through, girl! I haven't been posting as much as I should and it's been wearing on me a bit. I still love blogging, but we all need a break some days! I'll definitely be keeping up with you online because, duh, you always have the best info about British TV and movies.

Unknown said...

@Rissi - Thanks, girl!! Appreciate it!! :)

@Renee - Thank you too!! Glad to have fellow blogging friends who "get it." :) And so glad we are already actively connected on Twitter & FB & stuff. :)

Shonna Slayton said...

Bummer, but I get it!!! I'll go find you on your other make such good rec's :)

Unknown said...

@Shonna - Thank you!! That means a lot. :) And I'm glad we connected on GR & Twitter!!