Saturday, July 11, 2015

Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con

Came back this afternoon to tons of fantastic spoilers about the upcoming fifth season of Once Upon a Time -- this Dark Swan storyline is going to be sooooo good!! Here's a few videos and links.

Comic-Con video - "The Dark Swan" - No new footage here, but Ginnifer Goodwin's narration tracing Emma's journey is absolutely heartbreaking.

First look at...MERIDA!! Can't wait! Also, a chilling video clip featuring the introduction of Dark Swan, in what looks to be Rumple's old Enchanted Forest jail cell...or very like it. I have to think Jennifer Morrison is going to enjoy the chance to play a dark Emma. Also, the black feathers in the promo? FAB work there.

TVLine has more info and spoilers from the panel.

And finally, this links to the video shown at the panel penned by Once-screenwriter Jane Espenson...and it is absolutely HILARIOUS.

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Rissi said...

I may be embarrassingly behind on this show, but just knowing Merida is entering the fray is a whole new kind of awesome. Makes me all kinds of happy. I did enjoy Brave. :)