Friday, June 19, 2015

This weekend on Masterpiece...

It is a BIG weekend on Masterpiece, y'all! I am SO EXCITED. Sunday night sees the premiere of both Poldark and The Crimson Field (FINALLY!).

Poldark, for those not in the know, is based on a series of Winston Graham novels detailing the life, loves, and dramas of Ross Poldark, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, recently returned to his home in Cornwall. This is the stuff of period drama GOLD, my friends! The original Poldark series from the 1970s, starring Robin Ellis (WHO ONCE TALKED TO ME ON TWITTER), was a breakout smash hit and helped launch the Masterpiece brand.

Earlier this month I started watching the first series of Classic Poldark and was immediately hooked. Trust me, people, do not let film quality or changes in filming styles put you off -- this is a drama that has HELD UP. And not only held up but still has the ability to shine and captivate new viewers (like yours truly) with its pacing, characterizations, and energy. I'm about a fourth of the way through the second series and it is just as fantastic!

I've also been reading the first novel, aptly entitled Ross Poldark, and I have a very serious question for the universe here: WHERE HAS THIS BOOK BEEN ALL MY LIFE? I cannot BELIEVE I am just NOW discovering these amazing, thoroughly entertaining stories! This first book was published in friggin' it's been out there and I've (sadly) been living in a black hole of Poldark-deprivation. BUT NO MORE...and I am here to shout from the blogging rooftops that these stories are very much Ruth-approved! Seriously, if you love history, romance, intrigue, social commentary...this book has it all, and in SPADES. Go forth and read, my friends!

(Just because I can, here is the cover of the gorgeous, recently released Sourcebooks tie-in edition! Beautiful, no?)

Aidan Turner...SWOON. (I realize this is a controversial statement, but he was the best thing for me in the Hobbit films. *whew* I feel so much better now that that's out there...) ;-)

Here are a couple of trailers and clips:

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!

Following Poldark we get the premiere of The Crimson Field, a six-part series following the lives of nurses on the fields of World War I. It's my understanding that this was originally envisioned as a multi-season series, but was not hopefully it doesn't end on too much of a cliffhanger. But I think the subject matter is fascinating and the cast is fantastic, so I'm looking forward to checking this out. Here's a preview:

Enjoy! And watch (and read) ALL THE POLDARK THINGS. Totally worth it, promise. :)


Rissi said...

I still have to finish (the new) Poldark but what I watched was amazing - swoony, beautiful scenery and so much more. Plus I liked that it was a "grittier" drama. Perhaps to coincide with its US premiere I will finish it this weekend. I'll be anxious to know what you think, Ruth, but suspect you'll love it. :)

Crimson Field sounds good and like you, I hope it ends with some resolution.

Happy watching! :)

Unknown said...

@Rissi - I have no doubt that I'm going to love it. :) So excited!!!

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Glad you are so excited Ruth. Both of these series are fabulous. Our summer shall be filled with period drama.

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Yessssss to everything you've said here! Aidan Turner ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i just hope these new actors do their roles justice. I fell in love with Angharad Rees's Demelza. I have enjoyed Aidan and Eleanor in their other roles, so I'm optimistic.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I cheated and already watched Poldark on when it was airing in the UK. It is FABULOUS! I read the books and could hardly wait. Aiden Turner is soooo handsome and the perfect Ross. Eleanor is great as Demelza. Period Drama gold is right!!!

Unknown said...

@Laurel Ann - Love that both of these shows have your recommendation. And thank you for your enthusiasm for Poldark -- that is what inspired me to pick up the 1st book. :)

@Renee - Oh Aidan Turner...he's a dreamy Poldark, eh? ;)

@Nat - Awesome, so glad to here that!! Have you read the entire series or just the 1st few books?