Friday, June 24, 2011

"you transfix me quite"

We haven't talked about Jane Eyre in far too long, my friends. The above image is the recently released poster for the UK release of Jane Eyre - isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? I love the juxtaposition of the warm pink hues in the Jane half of the poster, contrasted to the frosty shade of blue in the Rochester portion. Blue works for Michael Fassbender, no? *wink*

While UK Bronte fans are looking forward to the theatrical release of Jane Eyre (seriously, I don't know how they've survived this long - j/k), North American Jane Eyre fans will see the release of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray August 16th.


That's less than two months from now, people! Happiness!! :)

Here's some info on the DVD extras (excuse me while I swoon, again, but isn't the DVD artwork LOVELY? *sigh*):
  • A Look Inside Jane Eyre
  • To Score Jane Eyre: Director Cary Fukunaga and Composer Dario Marianelli Team Up
  • The Mysterious Light of Jane Eyre
  • Director’s Commentary with Director Cary Fukunaga
  • Deleted scenes
I'm especially excited about the deleted scenes. More Rochester/Jane please? :)

Here's the trailer for the UK release of Jane - I highly approve of all the Rochester scenes, don't you?

And, because it's Friday, and because this blog has been a veritable Jane Eyre-wasteland for far too long, here are some clips of Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska being brilliant and swoon-worthy as Rochester and Jane. (Thanks to Rachel for going on a Jane Eyre clip-posting spree on Facebook last night.)

"I would do anything"

I couldn't resist. :)


Anne Mateer said...

AUGUST 16th???!!!!! I'm so excited!

Lori Benton said...

Oh, bravo for a release date! Looking forward to it. Maybe not as much as YOU are. ;) I just bought a copy of the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson version, which I adore. Will be watching it again this weekend.

Kristin said...

That poster is gorgeous. I'm so excited about the DVD release!! Even though I never got the chance to see the movie in the theater, this is one that I'll probably buy before I see it, because I know it'll be good. :) I had originally heard something about it releasing in July, but I guess August isn't that much longer. :) I'm also really excited about the special features! I'm a nerd about such things.

(Random thought: August 16th is also the anniversary of Elvis' death. I permanently have the days of his birth and death ingrained in my mind. :) I think I'll have to cut out one of the movies from my Elvis marathon on that day to watch Jane Eyre.)


Unknown said...

@Anne - You and me both! :)

@Lori - I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this version. I'm a big fan of the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson miniseries as well, but this one holds a special place in my JE-loving heart. :)

@Kristin - I feel 100% confident in saying that this is a sight-unseen purchase you can feel good about. :) My favorite type of special feature are deleted scenes - I'm hoping for some good ones with this release! Also, as an Elvis fan I am QUITE impressed with your recall - I know he died in August, but I never seem to remember th exact date until radio stations around here start mentioning it. :)

Anonymous said...


Anyway. *cough*

That poster is gorgeous.

Dario Marianelli! I loved his soundtrack for Atonement. I'll have to check out the JE soundtrack as well.

And I still think Fassbender is hotter as Magneto. Must be the swingin' Sixties wardrobe. ;)

Lori said...

The poster is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

@otahyoni - But you PERSEVERED. Hurrah, Jess! Question: can you leave comments with ease on Rachel's blog? Or is it just mine that's ornery? ;)

The JE score is totally worth purchasing, no movie viewing required. The movie just makes it BETTER. But it's classic Marianelli - if you liked his work for Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll love this too.

And yeah...Fassbender in tailored slacks and FEDORAS?! I can't really argue with you there. ;)

@Lori - I know. I want one! :)

Debra E. Marvin said...

Seriously, you know me too well. My Fassbender radar went off. My apologies to my friends across the pond. It's worth the wait. It's also funny to see the different ways they are marketing the same movie. I'm not sure I like the UK poster as much, but will take what I can get.

My area theater sells their old posters and yes that was me flipping through hundreds of old ones to find JE. Alas. No.

August 16th, huh?
I think I'll preorder on Amazon and netflix just to be on the safe side.

Oh - yes, the soundtrack. Believe RUTH. She's spot on here. I'm a bit obsessed with the soundtrack as well. Hey, it puts me in the mood to write which makes it priceless.

Unknown said...

@Debra - We Fassbender fans understand each other, no? ;)

I think the different ways the same film is marketed is just fascinating. It's interesting to see what they emphasize in the different trailers - I've gota say I appreciate the Rochester focus. :)

August 16th can't come soon enough to suit me!

Debra E. Marvin said...

OH darn. I'm not getting anything done now. I went through the videos again.

I think that might be one of my fave Rochester photos, Ruth.

Unknown said...

@Debra - Mine too - it's that little smile, gets me every time! :)

Jeanne said...

Ruth, thanks so much for this post! Loved the videos. I've been wondering when the DVD comes out. I will probably be first in line at the store when it does! :-)

LitLover said...

It's amazing to see someone who's just as excited as I am!! I really CAN'T see how those who live in the UK waited this long either. August 16th seems too far away to me, and I saw the movie three times. *giggle*
Oh...and Michael Fassbender...*sigh*

Traxy said...

It's weird. Technically, us Europeans (with multi-region DVD players) could just order the R1 DVD from America and then not bother going to see it in the cinema when it comes out A MONTH LATER (or more, depending on country). Keeping up with the times fail there, really.

Still, I figure that if I've waited this long, I might as well just wait another three weeks for the UK cinema release. Unfair that it's taken them this long ... and it's still about 2½ months to go!

Unknown said...

@Jeanne - You're welcome! I am sure I'll be one of the first inline in my neck of the woods when the time comes too. :)

@LitLover - You and me both! One reason I love blogging - meeting like-minded fans. ;)

@Traxy - You are so right. In this day and age, months or even weeks between film or TV premieres is a little ridiculous. Even if you do succumb to the R1 DVD temptation *g*, it's so worth seeing on the big screen IMO. :)

Roving Reader said...

Can't wait to buy this! And love the Fassbender never need an excuse to post one of those :)

Unknown said...

@Roving Reader - Glad you agree. ;)