Thursday, October 24, 2013

Captain Swan

Go watch this video NOW (as long as you don't care about spoilers for this Sunday's episode of Once Upon a Time). "As you wish?" -- ADORABLE.


Rissi said...

I saw this yesterday. Aw, it was cute. ;)

Not sure how I feel about the two of them "together" but it's cute!

Lauren said...

I'm Swan Thief all the way but warming up to Captain Hook. Not as an Emma ship, but as a person.

The saddest and weirdest thing, though, in a hypothetical Swan Captain official pairing would be that not only does Captain Hook take Neal's mom from him, he also takes his true love. Which is kind of icky for everyone involved.

Also I can never truly like Captain Hook so long as I remember Rumple standing as a poor, destitute cripple on the deck of his ship pleading with Hook for his wife.