Monday, June 11, 2012

Endeavour Preview

We all know how much I love Inspector Lewis, right? What is perhaps not as well-known a fact is that I'm also nuts about Lewis's predecessor, Inspector Morse (I've seen fifteen of the thirty-three Morse films, just haven't blogged about them yet). On July 1st, Masterpiece Mystery will be airing Endeavour, a prequel film to the Morse series, set in 1965. For some reason I JUST NOW LOOKED UP PREVIEWS and now I'm EVEN MORE ridiculously excited for this film:

Watch Endeavour Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

Here's the DVD trailer preview with some additional footage:

I just discovered more EXCITING NEWS! Four two-hour episodes of Endeavour have been commissioned based on the successful airing of the pilot episode in the UK. I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS (behold the strength of the Morse/Lewis brand).


Tasha B. said...

So this is a new series produced recently? What about Lewis and Hathaway?

Ruth said...

@Tasha - Oh, never fear, more Lews and Hathaway is coming the week after this episode airs (THANK GOODNESS).