Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Dorrit reminder!

Just a reminder that part two of Little Dorrit airs on Masterpiece Classic tonight! Can. Not. WAIT. You can read my thoughts on part one here. I may not get a review of part two up until Tuesday - my book club meets tomorrow night (we're discussing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein), plus I have to finish (well, really I'm no where close to finishing, argh!!) a review of the new release of The Robe for to post on Tuesday. The Bridge is also hosting a giveaway contest for one of ten copies (I think...) of either the DVD or Blu-Ray copies of the film, so once the contest link is up I'll post it on here. I didn't get nearly the amount of stuff accomplished this weekend that I wanted to get done, due in no small part to the fact that my living room was torn up because my sofa broke and Dad and I spent a good chunk of the weekend fixing it. That was a fun project, let me tell you!


Deborah said...

Have you ever heard of this? Regency House Party. It's one of those PBS "reality shows" like 1900 House or Manor House where they put the modern people and try to make them live "back in the day".

Ruth said...

@Deborah -

I never heard of Regency House! Looks like it could be interesting...thanks for the link!

BTW, I cannot wait until you get to watch Little Dorrit! :)